Web Video Production
Web Video Production

Web Video Production

Ready to elevate your digital presence to the next level? Our web video production services have you covered at Create x Wonder. People love watching web videos, so why not look into video production for your own website?

We're your ultimate destination for web video production. Our producers are here to help you create unique and engaging videos that make your brand stand out. Video content is becoming more popular on the web, and we can help you take advantage of this trend by creating high-quality video content that will capture audience attention. Contact us to learn more about our web video production services, how we work, and what we can do for you.

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Web Video Production

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Website Videographer

We are a digital video content production company based in Auckland, New Zealand. At Create x Wonder, our website videographer team believe video production does not need to be complicated to get great results. Our production company has a solid reputation for producing cost-effective and engaging digital content, creating videos featuring corporate, testimonial, product video production and more content styles for our clientele.

When you work with us, we begin by getting to know you and your company. We can do this by meeting over a cup of coffee or online if you are far away. Our objective at this stage is to gain clarity on what you are aiming for and how we can help you achieve it.

Video Production Work

Pre-Production: After our initial meeting, we gather all your previous marketing material and check out your online profile. Our team then develops a script that we will send back and forth until we have a final draft. After finalising the script, our team incorporates visual cues and schedules the required filming to bring the vision to life.

Production & Post: Here is where our creative team takes over. We film, animate, and create the video content. Next, we incorporate the voice-over, sound effects, and music into the video. We will send you the first draft for review and make any necessary changes. We want to make sure you are 100% happy with the final product before we move on to delivery.

Delivery: We are only happy once you are happy. Once we receive your approval, we will deliver the final product in either 4k or HD through a secure file-sharing platform like Wetransfer, Dropbox, or Wipster. If you have requested a different format, we will deliver it to your specifications.

Creative, Effective Web Video Content

Effective video production: Our mission as a video production company is to help you create emotional and engaging video content that will leave your client with enough information to make informed decisions about whether your brand, service, or product is the right fit for them.

Producing the right web video at the right time is essential to the success of that video. As a video production company, we can help you create the ideal video content for each step of the way. Tailoring your videos for your values and audience will help maximise your ROI.

Web Video Services

Video production has become imperative to any marketing budget, especially in the era of social media advertising. With the majority of consumers watching and sharing video content on a daily basis, it's crucial for brands to create and promote video content on social media to stay ahead of their competitors. Video is also preferred over reading, as it's easier to understand and has the ability to be shared among different social platforms.

Video algorithms are favoured by social networks, making it easier for businesses to showcase their products and services precisely. Social media videos can also deliver impressive ROI, with statistics showing an increase in website conversion rates and internet traffic projected to come from video. ROI tracking is essential to refining a social video strategy, allowing businesses to learn what works and what doesn't with their audience.

The possibilities with social media videos are endless and can fit into any marketing strategy. It's important to set goals and track the success of videos using analytics to achieve marketing objectives such as building brand awareness and telling your brand's story. With the right campaign from our social media videographer any business can create shareable videos that get their brand name out there.

Web Video Styles: From Corporate Videos to Product Marketing Videos

Corporate Video: A long video that explains your business, usually around 4-5 minutes long. It includes your company's history, values, and products or services. It showcases your brand to clients.

Company Overview Video: A quick 1-minute video that provides a basic understanding of your business. It is used to entice potential clients to find out more about your business and can be placed on social media.

Brand Video: A creative video that tells your business's unique story and emotional connection with your target audience. It is not focused on business details, but rather on what makes your brand special. It can be useful for branding campaigns or product launches.

Case Study Video: A video that expresses how your product or service solved a specific problem for a customer. Case study videos build trust with potential customers by showcasing your business's impact.

Testimonial Video: A video featuring real customers sharing their experiences with your product or service. It leverages word of mouth to build trust with potential customers and increase conversions.

Product Video: An engaging and informative video showing the features and benefits of your product. It is essential for e-commerce businesses and can help increase conversions and reduce returns.

Employer Brand Video: A video presenting your company culture, values, and mission. These videos attract top talent that shares your values and are a good fit for your culture.

Create x Wonder: Our Production Company

Video content production is a powerful marketing tool that can help businesses of all sizes to connect with their audience and increase their ROI. At Create x Wonder, we specialise in web video production and can help you create the right video content for your business.

From corporate videos to product videos, our team has the expertise and the creativity to help you achieve your marketing goals and build your business' online presence. Get in touch with us today to discover more about our comprehensive services and how we can assist you in elevating your video marketing efforts.