Glue Content in Melbourne, Australia commissioned us to work with them on a series of videos for their client, Bunning’s NZ.

They have produced heaps of content for Bunning’s Australia, but their New Zealand based content has been lacking and they saw an opportunity to develop this. Glue was looking for a video production partner in Auckland, New Zealand, that could become an extension of their team. We work closely with their team in Melbourne but are based on-site here in NZ to produce content for Bunnings NZ. This would ultimately save them the time of having to travel back and forth to NZ.

We have worked on a variety of projects with Glue and Bunnings NZ to date, such as ‘How to make a Hangi’, where we filmed an actual Hangi being prepared and served at Otahuhu College, including a Maori cultural welcoming ceremony which was a fantastic experience. This was a live-action type shoot where events were happening around us. We had to ensure we were getting the shots we needed, with no room for error.

We recently worked on a fun project where we produced another series of ‘How to’s’. These were simple tips on how to improve the warmth of your home in winter. We had a team member from Bunning’s NZ feature as the key talent in the video. We made use of a Bunning’s Head Office team member’s home where we could shoot these tips being implemented. This is something that we love about working with this team. They feature real team members and real people in their videos, which creates a much more natural and humble feel!

Another exciting project was a week’s shoot that focused on one team member’s home. We carried out a mini-renovation to the living space. The team transformed the area into a much warmer and healthier space to live in for the Winter. The transformation was carried out by fellow team members from Bunning’s Australia and NZ. It was filmed over the course of a few days and had an amazing presenter, Tyge Dellar from Demo to Reno.

CAW Video filmed and produced. Glue Content took care of all post-production to create these outcomes.

CAW Video really values the relationships we have in place with clients like Glue Content and various other digital marketing agencies. They realise the value that video offers. We love being a trusted partner to help them deliver this value to their clients.

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