Video content creation is one of the best ways to showcase a product in action.

Asset Factory and Lookdepot asked us to create some video content showcasing their high-end photographic machines and software applications. They wanted to showcase their products in use and how easy it is to operate the software. Another important factor was to show how easy it is to set up presets and take world-class photos and videos. Product photography and videography have never been this easy. With the help of the super creative and awesome team at Asset Factory, we managed to film these short content videos.

They also wanted a few testimonials from clients who have used their products. We filmed two testimonial videos, one with Storm Clothing and the other with YY Nation. Both companies found the process of capturing their video content and photographic content easy and the team a pleasure to work with. This type of video content can reassure potential clients that you offer great service or product.

If your brand or business has a product or service that you feel could benefit from video content creation, give CAW a shout and we would love to discuss how we could help you.

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