CAW recently worked on a BusinessNZ Your work, your way campaign to put a stop to the Fair Pay Agreement act.

Your work, your way is a campaign saying no to Fair Pay Agreements. To read more about the Your work, your way campaign, visit their website here.

The agency we partnered with on this project was Topham Guerin. The turnaround on this project was mega quick with us pulling the production together in 3 days and delivering the edit within a week.

We had the awesome Daryl Habraken feature in this quiz show-like production. Here Daryl interacted with the public and quizzed their general knowledge on how much they know about the fair pay agreement. We also produced a staged BTS video which provided an overview of the campaign to educate viewers.

CAW Video was involved in the pre-production, filming and post-production component and worked closely with Topham Guerin, who was involved in the concept creation for this video.

We thoroughly enjoyed working on this one, being a little different to what we usually create!

If you are looking to tell your story in an unusual way, chat with CAW about how we can help you get your message to your audience!

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