Over the past few years, CAW has been fortunate to partner with Torpedo7 on their Social Media Content Creation projects.  This has mainly been for web and social media campaigns and has included sustainability initiatives, fashion and product launches and exciting action-packed events.

A really fun shoot we just worked on was the Torpedo7 and The North Face winter fashion range that is now selling in store. We travelled to a beautiful part of Auckland and spent the day with the team and got some incredible footage that T7 are now using across their social media channels. These are in the form of hero videos and shorter social cut downs for stories.

We also worked with the team on a Social Media Content Creation project to showcase this incredible initiative that they are a part of. They have partnered with Shear Edge to start incorporating strong wool into the manufacturing of their kayaks. They have launched a range of sustainable kayaks retailing as the Kakapo Woollen Kayaks, which includes 35% strong wool composites. This is an industry-leading step for sustainability – as each kayak replaces 2 kg’s of plastic. When the kayak has reached the end of it’s life, you can take it into your local Torpedo7 store to get recycled!

Another exciting project we worked on was the MTB Nationals 2022 event that was featured in Christchurch. This captured Torpedo7 riders on the downhill and x-country races. This was a run and gun style shoot and presented a whole dimension of challenges. We had one opportunity to nail our shot, with little or no room for re-takes. We captured ‘Behind the Scenes’ footage for social media purposes so that live-action stories could be shared on Instagram over the course of the event. Social media is about current and timely news worthy events, so it was imperative that we delivered the final edit that same evening so they could share it on their channels the following day to stay relevant.

The fashion shoots are one of my most loved styles of shoots, as we have professional talent involved where possible. This makes for a great outcome as they really know how to charm the video camera.

In both the carefully styled shoots through to the off-the-cuff shoots, we have the expertise to execute your project effortlessly.

Below are some examples of the outcome of these various product videos, event videos, social media campaign videos and more:

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