North Shore Toyota & North Western Toyota were looking to produce a process video to help explain their service process and to give customers a better idea of what to expect when taking their vehicle in for a service.

I met with the marketing manager to discuss a few ideas before moving on to the pre-production stage. Our scriptwriter worked with the marketing manager to put together a comprehensive script, which covered all aspect she wanted to get across in the video. The next step was to plan and schedule the shoot. As you can imagine, the service department is extremely busy all day long so we had to schedule the filming around bookings. The best time for us to film was on a weekend so we scheduled to film both videos over two Saturdays.

We selected our talent from the Toyota team and gave them the script to learn. This is not always an easy task as staff are not often used to being in front of a camera. The Toyota team did really well on the day of filming.

After the shoot, we started on the post-production and produced two separate process videos. One for North Shore Toyota and the other for North Western Toyota. I also created a combined version for them as seen in this video.

The team at Toyota were amazing to work with and we had such a fun time filming these process videos at their Three Auckland branches.

These videos now live on their website and are also sent to clients who book their vehicle in for a service via email.

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Client Testimonial

We hired Grant for a series of Experience Videos for multi locations. Grant was knowledgeably and incredibly giving of his experience to help us pull these together  from a creative and script angle. He worked to our time frame and hours. Looking at his past work, i had no hesitation around Grant's quality and body of work, but we were absolutely stunned at the final product. They came out 10 times better than we ever hoped or expected. Grant is also a dream to work with!


Mieke van der Walle

North Shore Toyota