We worked with Steelfort to create a series of "How-To" Videos and product photography. The "How-To" video series shows the viewer how to replace old components as well as a few tips and tricks when using their products.

The key to a successful "How-To" video is clarity, simplicity, and engagement. By carefully planning and executing each step of the production process, you can create valuable content that not only educates your audience but also enhances your brand's credibility and visibility.

With this project we did just that, we kept it simple, planned the video shoot well. Having the right talent who is knowledgeable, presentable and relatable is key. Tyge from Demo to Reno executed his lines really well.

We also shot some product photography over the three days on location as well. The main focus was teh "How-To" videos but we managed to get a few hours at the end of the shoot to take some product photography for LawnMaster to use on their social media channels.

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