Hettich approached us to create a brand video for their NZ business. We knew we had to think of ways in which we could add human appeal to an otherwise ordinary subject like furniture fittings, so we strategised and developed a concept showcasing the lifestyle that Hettich's products facilitate, and the beautiful environments that they enable. We also developed the script in house.

The Home Ideas Centre showcases Hettich's showroom where their products are featured, which was a great location to shoot every scene for this video. We also provided the talent for this production and managed to shoot everything in one day.

We are incredibly happy with the outcome and so was our wonderful client, May Chen, as seen below. If you have an ordinary product and want to make it extraordinary, ten chat with us today!

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Client Testimonial

We had a fantastic time creating a video with CAW! Kirsty and Grant are an amazing team who were extremely easy to work with. We were all impressed by the story they created, detailed thought and great talent we worked with - they really captured the essence of our brand. Even catching the attention of our international subsidiaries who then worked with them too :) Just fantastic!


May Chen