A Customer Story is a powerful way to share how your brand, product or service is improving the life of your customer.

It helps build brand credibility and serves as a testimonial which is an impactful way to win the head and hearts of your prospective buyers!

Here, we see Farmers sharing stories about how they have seen improved efficiency and productivity on their farms by using a JCB Telehandler.

These videos were part of a series for JCB, where each episode showcased a different farmer and a different story. We wanted to do something different from the ordinary person-to-camera interview setup for this series, and so the concept was to have each farmer utilise a JCB Telehandler on the farm for the day, carrying out usual farming activities. We could collect footage of them 'in the field' and then obtain a 'review' at the end of the day!

The main purpose of these was for web and social media. We created a longer hero video and then shorter cut-downs for social.

We had a representative from JCB feature as the key person in these videos to carry the story. This shoot required a full crew of 2 camera operators and a sound recordist. As well as a Director to manage the production. We travelled to beautiful parts of the country over the course of the week and we are so thrilled with the outcome of these videos. Have a look at how they turned out, and get in touch if you feel a customer story could help you achieve a boost in engagement and sales!

Client: Hot Mustard


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