Matthews Packaging & Hygiene were looking to creating a corporate video showcasing their world-class warehousing, comprehensive product range and unmatched nationwide distribution service.

When David, the Marketing Manager, first discussed his needs, he wanted a short company overview video. David decided that a corporate video would be a better place to start, as he had a lot of information to show his audience. Corporate videos are a great way to give an in-depth overview of your business and services. We explained to David that we would repurpose some of the video content we shot on the day. This will allow us to create additional video content at a later stage. Repurposing video footage is a great way to save money and promote content on social media. We have done this over and over again for so many of our clients.

As with all of our video production projects, we started with the pre-production process. This involves a few discussions around the concept, look and feel, locations and messaging. Once we had all this information from David, we started working on the script. The script was approved, visual storyboard for each scene drawn up and we locked in filming dates.

We scheduled two days of filming for their corporate video. Matthew Packaging warehouse was our main location with a few scenes in and around the area. The shoot started at 5 am to allow us to film the early morning driving scene and warehouse opening scenes. The team at Matthews Packaging were amazing to work with and were up for the challenge of acting. We set up several scenes that included, distribution, forklift driving, packaging, customer support, customer service and more. At the end of day two, we were happy with the video content we shot and called it a wrap.

The editing process took CAW just over 7 days to complete. The edit took slightly longer as we were trying to juggle editing and toddlers. This was due to the COVID pandemic and lockdown. We managed to deliver the project within the new time frame discussed.

David was blown away with the final video and is excited to launch their new website with the corporate video we produced for them. David has seen the value in video and will be producing new video content in the future.

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