Agricom were looking to produces some brand videos. These brand videos needed to tell the stories of farmers across New Zealand and how they implement One50 Perennial ryegrass into their farming system.

Hot Mustard Communications, a marketing agency based in Auckland who specialises in Agricultural marketing, amongst other niches, contacted Creatives At Work to help with the video production for the One50 video campaign.

The idea for the videos was to produce emotional stories. These stories would be based around the farmer's lives, families and farmstead. What they farm and how they go about implementing One50 Perennial ryegrass into their farming system.

We planned the video shoot across New Zealand to show the diversity of how well One50 can grow in different environments. We filmed in five locations, Canterbury, Napier, Rotorua, Dargaville and Palmerston North. As this video campaign was to be launched in Spring, we had to shoot these videos in winter. After we had scheduled shooting days with each farmer we were told that we were expecting the worst weather in 100 years. Lucky for us, the weather forecast was wrong and we ended up with great weather for most of the shoots. We had a few moments of wet weather but for the most of it, the sun came out and we had no issues.

On the day of each shoot, we met with the farmers and they showed us around their farms. We then spent some time filming some B-roll of each farm before filming the video interviews. The farmers really opened up to us and shared some stories about their families and farm systems. On three of the days, we had the Agricom reps with us who know the farmers and their farm systems. We used this time to film some video content of the farmers and reps interacting. The video shoots went really well and we managed to capture some great content and beautiful shots.

After the shoot, we needed to edit the stories together into 2 to 3 minute videos. These videos would be shown on the website as well as on social media. We also chose two of the farmer's stories to cut together two TVC's which would be broadcast on sky TV as we as TVNZ during the Miter 10 Cup rugby matches. we also create two videos of the Agricom reps and found out why they love working for Agricom and why they suggest One50 Perennial ryegrass.

The project has been a success and hot Mustard, as well as Agricom, were both very happy with the results of each video. We are very happy with the results we achieved and are looking forward to working with Hot Mustard Communication next year on the new campaign.

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