Producing a Sales Video – Nissan Juke case study

If increasing your brand’s engagement online, and boosting sales is something you want to achieve, then a sales video is exactly what you need.  Read on about how producing a sales video may be the right tactic for you.

90% of users say that a short video featuring a product is helpful in making a purchasing decision and in 2022, it’s predicted that video will account for more than 82% of internet traffic. That’s massive viewership and what a great opportunity to get your brand noticed.

Producing a Sales Video – Nissan Juke case study

Why a sales video

Sales Videos are in the top 5 for being ‘the most commonly-created types of video’, alongside explainer videos (72%) presentation videos (49%) testimonial videos (48%) and video ads (42%). It’s an opportunity to refine complex sales messages down to understandable, relatable and engaging content.

A great case study for this would be a Sales Video for the new Nissan Juke that we created for Mark Cromie Motor Group. The team at MCMG approached us with a request to produce a video to market the all new Nissan Juke. They had ample stock they needed to sell and they wanted to create awareness around what an awesome car it really is. The brief was to keep the messaging simple, highlight some of the key features and ensure we target the right demographic. With 74% of millennials finding video helpful when comparison shopping – we needed to ensure the video would appeal to this particular demographic on the channels they spend the most time on.

Producing a Sales Video

Previously, MCMG had worked with larger agencies to produce sales videos, but this had always come with the need for a big budget and presented delayed turnaround times. CAW managed to deliver this product within just over a week, end to end, amidst lockdown restrictions. CAW managed the process, including pre-production & planning, production & post and final delivery of this sales video. We strategised the idea, wrote the script, managed the preproduction and scouted for the best locations. If you have ever done a shoot in Auckland City, you will know how difficult it is to get the appropriate permissions to park vehicles in public spaces. We handled that laborious process, made all the relevant applications and met all the health and safety requirements. We had a 2nd shooter assist us on the day and made use of professional talent in the video, where we could, to keep to the budget. The post-production came together well and we delivered the project on time, and within budget.

When it comes to Return on Investment – 87% of video marketers report that video gives them a positive ROI. This sales video we created for Nissan shows just what effective video marketing can do for engagement and ultimately for increasing sales, “We’ve had over 12k views since we posted the full video on FB and driving a number of customers to our website. Customer engagement with comments is positive and we have sold a higher than usual number of Jukes this month.”

In this particular case, the ROI is tangible, and even more so when you can re-purpose your video into social media cutdowns as we did with this campaign.

Now more than ever, video can be used as a tool to bridge the gap of disconnectedness your business may feel to your audience. There is no better time than to build your digital presence with video content creation, and if boosting sales is something you are after, then a Sales Video is what you need. Foolery Video is well equipped to help you achieve the same standard as a high-end production for a fraction of the cost.  

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