Why is video content for online retail stores a must have?

Video production is not a nice to have its a must-have, says  Marc van der Putten, Business Development Manager at STORM.

Asset Factory and CAW sat down with Marc to chat about improving a customer’s experience and increasing sales through the use of video content. He reports that by using video on his website, it’s increases sales by 70% and reduce returns by 60%, this is a fact!

Why is video content for online retail stores a must have?

By online shoppers being able to see the product in action, the way the item of clothing hangs, swings or falls on a person body, helps the viewer to get a better understanding of what it would look like on them. This results in them being able to make an informed decision quickly as to whether or not the items will look good on them.

The second benefit of video content for online retail stores is that returns are reduced by 60%. By the client seeing the product in motion, they are getting a better idea of what it will look like on them and therefore when receiving the item of clothing, are happy with it and do not return the item.

Overall, video production and video content creation for online retail store and general businesses are a must-have as part of their business marketing. Video content creation does not only help increase sales and reduce returns but also makes your brand stand out from other retailers who are not utilising video production and content creation.

Create x Wonder is an Auckland video production company that produces video content for businesses including retail stores. We produced this video series on behalf of Asset factory to showcase their amazing technology and how it is helping online content creation.

If you are looking to get video content produced for your company, have a look at our video production portfolio and let us know how we can help you produce video content for your business, product or service. We are happy to help!