The Corporate Video Production Process: From Concept To Final Cut

All over the internet and in other forms of media, you can find gorgeous videos advertising products and telling stories about countless things. The right video can move minds and change the world – and an experienced corporate video company can take your wonderful ideas and turn them into an effective video.

The Corporate Video Production Process: From Concept To Final Cut

But have you ever wondered how this works? How can a video developer turn your ideas into magic? How can you ensure the end product looks exactly like you want it to?

If you work with talented video creators with a set process for what they do and how they do it, your video production process should go smoothly and successfully.

How Video Developers Transform Your Ideas Into Contemporary Videos

So, how can a video production company turn your ideas into something special? The process is rather straightforward but, of course, requires a lot of talent and effort. It’s always best to go with an experienced corporate video company with a very good track record. Additionally, you may want to check out their portfolio to see what kind of work they’ve produced and what they can do for you.

The video production process typically follows these crucial steps:

1. Get In Touch. First things first, you must get in touch with your video production company so that they can get a feel of what you want in your video. One of the most significant advantages of having a corporate video created is that you can tell your brand’s story. What is your brand’s story? What specifically are you trying to do with your video? What messages are you trying to tell?

When you meet with your friendly corporate video company team, either through an online call or face-to-face, you can discuss your company and your goals. They can help you grasp what you want, even if you’re not fully sure yet.

Keep in mind that a few of the top reasons why videos are made are:

  • To Convey A Message Or Spread Awareness.
  • To Advertise A Product Or Service.
  • To Entertain While Being Informative.
  • To Build Brand Awareness.

Thinking about these motives can help you solidify your own goals.

2. Pre-Production. Next, the pre-production stage is entered. This involves your talented video developers looking at your company’s previous marketing material and looking at your business’s general style. They’ll use their experience and knowledge to develop ideas that best fit your message and tone.

By using the information they gathered from your meeting together and what they see by examining your company’s marketing material and online profiles, your corporate video company will create a draft for the video. During this process, you will help review the draft until you and your video developers have agreed on a solid final draft.

One key point to remember in this phase is that the possibilities are endless with the right video developers. So don’t be afraid to say your thoughts and ideas. While your ideas might not always pan out, experienced video developers will try hard to tailor your video to your needs.

3. Production And Post-Production. This step is where you let your video developers work their magic. Your corporate video company will film or animate the video and then put it through post-production to make it beautiful. Post-production involves editing the raw footage and adding in music, special effects, text, a voice over or whatever else is needed to polish it.

Once the video is complete, you will receive a first draft for review. You can then make suggestions if you are not fully happy with the end result. Changes and revisions will be made if any are needed.

4. Delivery. Are all the changes complete? Then it’s time for delivery! You will receive your completed video in 4k or HD. You can request a specific format if you require one.

Now you can make full use of your exceptional corporate video. Marvellous videos created by an incredible New Zealand corporate video company can boost your internet traffic, build your brand’s awareness and get your message out to the world.

Videos are extremely effective when it comes to digital marketing. So, a well-made video that’s expertly edited and produced is sure to do well if posted and placed in the right places online.

Where You Can Go To Get An Amazing Corporate Video For Your New Zealand Company

Now that you know how video production works, you can see how straightforward and effective it is – and when you work with an experienced team like us at Create X Wonder, you’ll see how amazing the entire process can go. We will use our expert knowledge and skills to bring your dreams to the screen.

We invite you to come and view our online portfolio to see what types of videos we’ve produced in the past. If you see anything you like, you can speak to us about creating something similar for your company.

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