Sustainability Stories

There is a common theme occurring in many of the projects that we have worked on lately. Sustainability Stories.

This theme is almost emerging as it’s own category in the video content space, and rightly so, as it’s becoming a prevalent topic for every Kiwi business.

Sustainability Stories

We are partnering with many clients who are embarking on sustainability initiatives as businesses work towards meeting their ESG targets. These clients are sharing their sustainability stories with their internal and external audiences; shareholders, investors, employees, customers and suppliers. They’re bringing awareness to these exciting initiatives they are involved in. Video is the perfect way to showcase these stories because not only is it easily shareable and versatile, but it can tell your story in a way that words just cannot.

New Zealand is famously known for it’s innovative ideas that have been born right here in Aotearoa. We have partnered with many clients who are leading the way with their innovative spirits and disruptive world-first initiatives.

From a Carbon-positive beauty brand, to the world’s first woollen kayak, to a company that has embarked on a ground-breaking initiative of recycling end of life rubber tyres, our clients are contributing to a true circular economy and we feel fortunate to be able to help them tell their stories.

It can no longer be a buzzword thrown around a board room – taking tangible steps to focus on sustainability is imperative in today’s business world. Whatever steps you are taking, let your internal and external customers know by communicating your Sustainability Stories with video!