Social media driven content

It’s no secret that social media has been around for a while now with new platforms emerging every now and then.

The platform that seems to have won the heads and hearts of a global audience is non other than Tiktok.

Social media driven content

Tiktok is video-driven short format content and has surpassed other platforms with 1 billion monthly active users. But quite simply, the reason this platform is so successful is because it engages the audience through video. Video is king. The success of this platform is testament to how powerful video can be in influencing people.

An old die hard is Instagram and they are changing things up with how they present content to their audience with things like reels, auto-generated captions, aspect ratios and even the way in which their users interact with the platform.

Instagram remains the most widely used B2C marketing platform in the social space.

We are currently seeing more social driven content request from our clients than ever before. Clients not only seem to be adopting this as a channel to advertise their products and services, but they are fully embracing it too. In mostly every project we work on, we are creating a main video and we always support it with social cut downs that drive traffic to the website.

You can get so much out of your video by repurposing it for social media use. Create x Wonder Video is highly skilled in producing social media content that engages your audience, content that looks good across all aspect ratios and platforms, as well as in-house animation capabilities to make your content attention-grabbing.

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