Recruitment Videos – an effective tactic to attract talent!

A recruitment video is a highly impactful way of promoting your business online.

If you are hiring in today’s market, then you are no stranger to the fact that the candidate pool is infamously short across most sectors in NZ. Scaling businesses need to, more than ever before, find new ways to promote themselves as an employer of choice online.

Recruitment Videos – an effective tactic to attract talent!

So how can you differentiate yourself and stand out to your potential candidates? I can tell you how you are not going to. And that is by posting an ordinary, run of the mill job advert – it’s boring, it’s dated and it’s probably not working for you!

Incorporating engaging, compelling video content into your recruitment strategy is a great tactic. It communicates your company’s story, brand, culture and mission in a way that words and images simply cannot. Sharing real stories allows you to capture the hearts and minds of your audience. We know that a good candidate will be doing their research before applying for a job. Recruitment videos can showcase what it’s like to work for your company and provide a unique insight into your company’s culture and environment. With people now more interested in watching and listening to content than reading it, recruitment videos provide a powerful communication tool and have the ability to increase applicant conversion rates by more than 80%.  That is massive ROI when you consider how costly it is to recruit!

The below video showcases how Madison used storytelling to market their client, the Ministry of Education, during a recruitment campaign. This was placed alongside a job advert on a popular job platform and allowed for a much more interactive candidate experience.

We also create videos for social platforms as seen here, and these have the ability to reach your specific target audience. They are easily shareable and generate great engagement.  

Create a lasting impression with a recruitment video. Let us offer you some valuable advice from our resident ex-recruiter turned video producer!