Maximising ROI with Corporate Videos: How to Measure Success

Working with an incredible Auckland corporate video company to create a video for your brand is a smart move, especially considering how digital people are nowadays. So many of us go on the internet to watch fun, informative and educational videos. It’s undeniable that well-made corporate videos can boost your brand’s reputation and success. But how do you measure that success?

Maximising ROI with Corporate Videos: How to Measure Success

In this article, we will mainly cover these two points:

  • How To Maximise The Success Of Your Corporate Video
  • How To Then Measure The Success Of That Video

What To Do To Maximise Your Video’s Chances Of Success

Did you know that, on average, viewers typically retain around 95% of a message when it’s presented in a video format? Conversely, people generally only retain around 10% of a message if it’s given in plain, boring text.

That’s quite the boost! However, this doesn’t mean every single video will get its message across well. You need to work with a corporate video company and developers who know what they’re doing to achieve fantastic results.

There’s quite a lot that goes into what makes a video good. You must think about production quality, choice of colours, sounds and music, special effects and more. When done well, all of these factors can come together to create a video that’ll truly leave an amazing lasting impression on anyone who views it.

To maximise the ROI, or return on investment, of your video campaign, don’t forget about the following:

  • Your Target Audience. Who are you trying to reach? Your desired audience will affect what type of video is produced.
  • Your Goals. Why are you working with a corporate video company? Understand your desired results before you start.
  • Video Quality. Videos that look and sound incredible are more likely to be more impactful.
  • The Platform You Post On. Certain types of videos do well on certain platforms.

How To Measure The Success Of Your New Corporate Video

Understanding how successful a video campaign is tricky; there are so many different things and factors to take into account. Consider these straightforward steps:

1. Identify Your Goals And The Metrics You’ll Focus On. The best way to calculate the success of any project is to pinpoint your specific goals. Are you trying to sell a product? Raise brand awareness? Once you understand your goals, determine the metrics you should focus on, such as:

Video View Count. Seeing how many views your video gets will give you an idea of how your corporate video is doing.

Engagement. Comments, likes and shares can all boost your video.

Click-Through Rate. Click-through rate, or CTR, refers to how many people click on your site after being prompted. A good CTR means your video is effective.

Conversion Rate. A good conversion rate means that a sizable percentage of people who view your video follow the video’s message. If you’re trying to sell a brand-new product, a high conversion rate means that lots of people who view the video end up buying the product.

2. Calculate Your Costs. Speak with your corporate video company to understand how much this project will cost you. Track your costs over the entire project to compare these costs to the revenue you generate from your video.

3. Use Tracking Tools. Once your video is live, you can use tracking tools to stay on top of how well your video is doing. Google Analytics is a commonly-used tool that can give you plenty of useful data regarding your video’s performance. Many video posting platforms, such as YouTube, also have built-in trackers that you can use.

4. Analyse Your Data. You can now look at that data to see how successful your video is. Be sure you give your video some time to spread. Focus on the metrics you’ve identified earlier, such as conversion rate and engagement.

5. Learn From Your Results And Use Them In Future Projects. Hopefully, if you’ve worked with a fantastic corporate video company, your video will be a success!

A great thing you can do after a campaign, successful or not, is to learn from your results. You can see what tactics work well and what to keep doing. A major perk of working with an experienced video development company is that they’ll already have heaps of past experiences to draw from and they can use that to help you.

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