Is the corporate video dead in 2024

Why Long format corporate videos are great!

Long-format corporate videos have a unique ability to captivate audiences and deliver in-depth narratives that resonate on a profound level. Unlike shorter counterparts, these videos offer a spacious canvas for storytelling, allowing for a more comprehensive exploration of complex topics and the development of nuanced narratives. This extended duration allows creators to build a more profound connection with viewers, fostering a sense of engagement and emotional investment. In a world where attention spans are often fleeting, long-format videos provide an opportunity for immersion, enabling audiences to delve into a subject, experience a journey, or witness a narrative arc with the depth that shorter formats might not afford. Additionally, for educational or informative content, the extended time allows for a thorough examination of concepts, encouraging a more comprehensive understanding. Whether through documentaries, interviews, or cinematic experiences, long-format videos have the power to unfold stories with a deliberate pace, creating a lasting impact and fostering a memorable connection between content and audience.

Is the corporate video dead in 2024

Several factors why some people might consider that the corporate video is dead:

Changing Tastes: People get bored, right? If traditional corporate videos aren't cutting it anymore and folks are yawning instead of engaging, businesses might need a content makeover.

Same Old, Same Old: If there's an overflow of bland corporate videos that are about as exciting as watching paint dry, it's no wonder audiences are checking out. Time for companies to shake things up and create content that doesn't put you to sleep.

Alternative Vibes: Short, snappy videos on TikTok or interactive content elsewhere could be stealing the spotlight from the classic corporate vid. It's like, why watch a mini-movie when you can get a quick hit of entertainment elsewhere?

Short Attention Spans: With attention spans shrinking faster than an ice cube in the sun, long corporate videos might feel like a marathon. Snappier, more engaging content might be the way to go.

Keepin' It Real: Authenticity is the name of the game. If your corporate videos look too much like they've been through a Hollywood makeover, viewers might not buy what you're selling.

Marketing Shake-Up: The marketing game is always changing. If companies are ditching traditional corporate videos for influencer collaborations, user-generated content, or other trendy tactics, it could be part of the "videos are dead" narrative.

Remember, this whole "corporate videos are dead" thing is kind of subjective. Different industries and audiences have their own takes on it. So, companies should keep their fingers on the pulse, stay adaptable, and tweak their content game plan as needed. After all, the only constant is change!

On the flip side though - People are still enjoying the short form content but are starting to look for more authentic, real life longer format videos. The word is that the long format video is back in 2024 and that means the corporate video is not dead but just needs to be approached from a more engaging aspect. An example of this is:

Interactive Adventures: Viewers don't want to be passive spectators. They want to dive in and mess around. Interactive videos are like those "Choose Your Own Adventure" books from back in the day but with more tech wizardry. Get the audience involved, and they're hooked.

Nike made a great example of this and I thought I'd post it for you to see.

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