How To Optimise Your Corporate Videos For Online Distribution

An incredible video created by a corporate video company can be magical. It can draw your audience in with outstanding visuals, amazing sound design and a wonderful message behind the art – but getting your video created is only part of the process.

How To Optimise Your Corporate Videos For Online Distribution

You’ll also need to work with your video production company to ensure your video is optimised for posting online.

Finding the best ways to post your new video is more complicated than just posting it and leaving it be; there’s almost a science to it. Your video should be properly formatted, designed and edited to fit the platforms that you post to.

Can A Corporate Video Improve Your Business?

First, it’s important to understand why creating a corporate video is important. It can boost your business in quite a few ways.

A corporate video company can create a video for you that:

  • Gets Your Brand’s Message Out There. What are you trying to say with your amazing new video? You can get your message out to the world.
  • Makes Your Business Look Good. When people see a well-made video with exceptional production quality and flawless execution, they’ll be more likely to hold your company in very high regard.
  • Encourages Your Audience To Act. Videos can really move people. You can encourage your customers to purchase your goods or services or agree with your views.

What You Can Do To Fully Optimise Your Video

Those amazing benefits, and the plethora of ones we haven’t mentioned, can do amazing things for your company – but you may not enjoy all of those benefits if you don’t optimise your video for online distribution or work with a good corporate video company. After all, no one’s going to be moved by your video if no one sees it.

Consider the following before you have your video created so that you can make a good plan for your future actions:

Create An Engaging Thumbnail. Many people will pass by a video if the thumbnail is boring, random or nonsensical. Your video’s thumbnail is often the first thing someone notices when your video appears on their screen, so you want your first impression to be incredible.

Create a thumbnail for your video that captures the spirit of the video itself. Use good colours and make sure the image makes sense and leaves people wanting more. Then, they’ll click on your video to see what it’s all about.

A corporate video company team that knows what they’re doing will know how to use vibrant, alluring colours smartly.

Write An Effective Title And Description. Your title should be clear, concise and effective. Don’t make it too long, but make sure it makes sense and tells the reader what the video is all about. Do the same with your description, and consider adding links to your website when you are posting on social media.

Be sure you hit the right keywords in correlation to what the video is about and what your business does.

Your video developers, who have plenty of experience with these details, may be able to help you come up with a fantastic title and description.

Add Captions Or The Option For Captions. Many people enjoy having the ability to turn on captions when they watch their videos. Whether it’s because they’re hard of hearing or because they prefer to fully understand what the video is saying, this is always a good thing to offer your viewers. Some websites, like YouTube, allow you to add subtitles to your videos that viewers can turn on or off.

Having official subtitles shows your viewers that you’re a professional who cares about quality. Be sure to ask your corporate video company for the script they used for the video to avoid any misunderstandings.

Post At The Right Times. Did you know that posting your video at certain times can increase your chances of success? On YouTube, it’s recommended to post your video between 2 to 4 PM on weekdays and 9 to 11 AM on weekends.

However, please know that these are recommendations and not an exact science. Your circumstances may differ, and you may want to ask your video development team for their advice regarding where and when to post.

Keep Your Branding In The Video. Be sure your video production team keeps your branding clear and visible in your video so that all viewers relate your gorgeous new video to your company. Then, when they recall that memorable video they watched, they’ll think of you.

How You Can Have An Impactful Video Created For Your Company

One of the smartest things you should do to ensure your video is effective is to work with some of the best video developers in New Zealand. A corporate video company like ours, Create X Wonder, can take your ideas and transform them into something truly special.  Your video will do well online if you work with the best.

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