How do you go about choosing the right video production company for your business?

How do you go about choosing the right video production company for your business? In today’s modern age, technology is vastly available at a reasonable price in comparison to 10 years ago. Anyone who is willing to spend around $8000 can pick up a semi-decent video camera, lens, microphone and a cheap set of video lights. With this setup, you can start producing your own video content.

How do you go about choosing the right video production company for your business?

This has closed the gap from high-end video production companies who charge thousands of dollars to produce video content and students who can now purchase a basic kit and start their own production company.

Let’s start with the high-end video production company. The reality is they have been in the video production industry for many years and have worked on hundreds if not thousands of video projects. During this period, they have created great content with amazing results but have also had to learn what works and what does not. They have crafted their skills, worked alongside other skilled video production individuals, had loads of feedback from clients on what has worked and what has not. They have a great understanding of not just how to shoot and edit a video but create a video from concept, which will be engaging and a captivating story.

Now on to the students who have just purchased their video kit and have shot a few videos for clients. These guys are young, energetic, have a really good understanding of social platforms and are confident that they have the skills to create an epic video for their client. The reality is, that they probably can produce a decent video and the client will be happy with it.

So why choose one over the other? When it comes time for you to produce video content for your business, you will have an idea of what you are after and what result you expect. My suggestion would be to have a look at several videos from each production company and listen to the stories being told for their clients. Do their stories create emotion, do they get the message across clearly, do you like their style of filming, do you like their style of editing, music selection?

This would be the first step in helping you make your decision. My next suggestion would be to have a look at their reviews, not only on their website but on Google reviews. This will give you a good understanding of what other business have to say about working with that production company. Were they easy to work with, did they deliver the project on time and to your spec, what did the client not like about working with them?

Once you have all of this information and have done your research, set up a meeting with the two video production companies you like the best. Once you have met with both companies, you will then know which company best fits you.

Video productions do not need to be expensive. If you have chosen to go with the more experienced, expensive company, ask them if there is a way to bring down the budget. They could potentially use a cheaper camera that will give great results, shoot with less crew or even advise you on ways to bring down the initial quotation. A lower budget does not always mean you will get a worse result. If you are wanting a high-end TV commercial,l then yes, potentially you may see a drop in production value but if your main objective is for the web or social videos, then potentially not.

As a video production company based in Auckland, New Zealand. We have worked our way up the ranks and understand that not every business has a huge budget to produce high-end video content. We often like to chat with our clients about their budget upfront and then listen to what they are looking for. We can then suggest to them if that budget will work or what we can produce within that budget.

CAW Video is always happy to discuss any size video production project with your business. Good luck with choosing your video production company.