Does social media video content work for businesses?

Social Media Marketing in 2020 is bigger than ever and using a well-planned, captivating and creative Social Media Video can help grow your business post-COVID-19. In an effort to give back we made a free business video that gained 13 000 views in one day, another 3 000 over the next day and has been shared almost 100 times.
Does social media video content work for businesses?

Enquiries and bookings have subsequently sky-rocketed for Heads up mountain biking. Our small gesture ended up being a great boost in business and a timely marketing strategy on the back end of lock-down. We are always preaching the benefits of video marketing but hopefully, this quick story may help hit home. The fact that using video to market your brand is more powerful now than ever before (specifically video marketing across social media platforms).

COVID-19 brought with it challenging times for many businesses, that is no secret. Post lock-down (more specifically from level 2) we found businesses were not in the position to move forward with projects we had in the pipeline with them. We thought that it may be a great idea to offer a free video to a small family business affected by the pandemic. This became somewhat of a passion project as it was also different to the usual corporate videos we produce as a video production company. The idea was to film and edit a promotional video to help with any kind of exposure for the business.

What was meant to be a quick and exciting share to get the local mountain bikers excited to come and see the new tracks that were built in lock-down, ended up making far bigger waves. A quick browse through the comments shows enthusiasts in Hamilton and Tauranga (to name a few) tagging friends and family wanting to make the journey to the Whangarei Adventure Park. Another trend through the comments was people commenting that they will be visiting soon after seeing the video. The post was shared not only by individuals but some business, tourism businesses, community, networking and even district pages too.

The pictures below are screenshots of the day’s following the upload. This was just our original post but each share has its own likes and comments too. The business owner has informed us that they’ve seen a massive increase in bookings following the video. They said they couldn’t be happier with the results and the interest gain from the video we produced for them.

If this isn’t a reason to start putting more energy into video marketing content, specifically for social media, then consider this: Video encourages social sharing. In the 8th annual Social Media Marketing Industry Report, it was shown that 76% of users say they would share a video with friends and family if it were entertaining or of interest. Our story above is a perfect example that people share through emotion more than facts. We pride ourselves at CAW for being able to conjure up videos that create emotion, are entertaining and engaging. Emotions are not quite ROI, however, social shares can increase traffic to your site, and you can take it from there, just like the business we helped out.