Corporate Video Provider – Auckland

If you are looking to get a corporate video produced in Auckland, there are a few considerations. Our team have mapped out what these considerations are when chosing to work with CAW Video

Corporate Video Provider – Auckland

  • What type of video do you want to create – this is the foundation of everything that will follow. Some clients have a defined outcome that they are hoping to achieve, whilst others need a little direction on what video type may be best for them.  This can range from sales to product, right through to customer success story. We will work with you closely to help you define this!
  • Budget – it’s great to have an idea of this upfront so that we can work to your budget. Video production is based on the time we invest into your video. We want to work together to agree on where that time is best spent, to get to your desired outcome.
  • Expected delivery date – this is helpful so that everyone’s expectations can be managed and we can be clear on whether we can take your project on and meet your end goal.
  • Inspiration – It is really helpful for us if we can see some examples of something you have seen that you like. This gives us better understanding of the style you like and whilst it’s always just a guide, it can be really helpful for us to get a glimpse of this upfront.
  • What is the message you want to convey – we are in the business of storytelling and we take this very seriously! Having a great story is fundamental to your video as the message will carry the story and determine what footage we need to capture. Other things to think of would be whether you/your team will write the script or whether you would like our team at CAW to write a professional script. Sometimes, a professional script can take your video from 0 to 100! It elevates the story and can bring a great creative edge. Will the story be told by the presenter/interviewee or will you have a recorded voiceover carry the story. *CAW has a fantastic VO library at an affordable cost!
  • Social media requirements – if you require your video to be distributed on social media, it’s great for us to know this upfront so that we can be aware of the ratios we need to work to. For example, Facebook posts are specifically 1:1 whereas Insta Stories are vertical 9:16. This is helpful for us to take into consideration on shoot day.
  • Logistical considerations – if the filming will be in a public space like a shared office or busy street, we need to obtain special permissions before filming. It is also really important that we know the availability of talent/key people like the main interviewee, key staff members,
  • Do you have all the brand assets ready to go – this is helpful for us to have before the post-production process starts, just so we are on the same page with fonts, colours and brand identity.
  • How many people will need to provide feedback on the changes – We generally allow for 2 rounds of changes within the quoted price. It’s easy to go down a rabbit hole with numerous changes from different people, but it’s encouraged that you speak with everyone involved in one go, gather all the feedback and fire that off to us so we can initiate your changes, otherwise it can get quite complicated and time-consuming for everyone.

CAW Video has helped many clients produce corporate videos in Auckland and New Zealand wide. We can get as involved as you would like us to be, from concept creation and script writing right through to animation! We are happy to work with you to map this out at the start of the process, and are always willing to have a chat about your exact needs!

If you would like to set up a discovery call about what your video needs may be, please reach out on 0210 247 8317, and we will gladly take you through our process!

Let’s get creating!