Corporate Video Production: A Step-By-Step Guide To Making Your Next Video

An astounding video masterfully created by a corporate video company can do amazing things for your New Zealand business. A well-made video can tell your story, your message and tell the world why they should be supporting you.

Corporate Video Production: A Step-By-Step Guide To Making Your Next Video

Of course, these videos can’t just be willed into existence - they’re the result of countless hours of hard work, brainstorming and undeniable enthusiasm. 

You need to follow a process in order to successfully create a great video that’ll wow Aotearoa.

How To Create A Successful Corporate Video In A Few Straightforward Steps

Regardless of what you’re creating, it’s always a good idea to have a plan and steps to follow. These helpful steps will keep you on track and prevent you from forgetting important things. 

Would you like to give your company a noticeable boost with a video? Then it would be best if you thought about these steps:

Step 1: Find An Amazing Auckland Corporate Video Company. You can’t have an excellent video created without excellent video producers. Your first step is to meet with a video production company to discuss your needs. They’ll help you determine the purpose of your video, your target audience, your budget and many more details (some of which you may not have even thought of yet!) that you’ll need to consider for your project. 

Seek out the best video producers for your needs. Check out their portfolio, their experience and their services before you choose anyone. Remember, a portfolio is a fantastic way to view the amazing things that your prospective video makers can create.

You need a team of amazing video producers who can swiftly capture a viewer’s attention within the first five seconds of the video. Once they’re hooked, they’ll be hungry for more.

Step 2: Meet With Your Corporate Video Company To Form A Plan. Once you know the incredible people you’re going to work with, you need to meet with them to form a solid plan for your video. Meetings can be in person or over a video call, whichever one works best for everyone. 

You should discuss your goals and what you ultimately want your video to be like. They’ll help to transform your video dreams into tangible ideas that’ll look amazing on the screen. Feel free to really speak your mind in the planning phase; you might think of something absolutely incredible!

Consider entertainment, emotional appeal and how you can impeccably incorporate your brand into the video. Additionally, don’t forget to take advantage of the medium when you can - show, don’t tell.

Practical matters, such as writing a script and scheduling a shoot, will also need to be discussed and agreed upon.

Step 3: Shoot Your Video. This is where your vision is brought to life! Your corporate video company will work with you to choose the right scenery, locations, actors and anything else that’s going into your amazing video.

They’ll take care of all of the technical matters related to shooting a video, and you can let the magic happen.

Step 4: Editing And Post-Production. There are heaps of things that still need to be done after the shoot is completed. Once the footage is shot, it will need to be edited and put through the post-production process. 

The clips will be cut down and put together. Any effects, like filters or special effects, will be added to really give your video that wow factor. Music, text and more will all be added when needed to make your video perfect. 

The post-production process takes your raw footage and truly brings it to life. This is the point where raw footage artfully turns into a memorable masterpiece. 

Step 5: Distribute And Promote Your Video. Once your video is edited and completed, your corporate video company will give you the final project. Then, it’s time for distribution and promotion. 

Sharing your brand-new video on the internet and on social media is a fantastic way to go if you really want to get your New Zealand brand out there. Consider posting it to the social media platforms your brand is a part of to reach out to your online audience. 

Your video can also be played in in-person presentations and other outlets to spread the word and show the world your magnificent new corporate video.  

How You Can Create A Stunning, One-Of-A-Kind Video For Your New Zealand Company

Create X Wonder is a corporate video company that puts thought, effort, passion and a little bit of magic into every single project we work on. There’s just something special about creating a video that people will remember for years, and we’d love to create just such a video for your business. 

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