Beauty Product Video – Emma Lewisham

We know we say this a lot but we are extremely PROUD of this one! We recently worked on a beauty product video for the highly respected Emma Lewisham beauty brand.

Emma Lewisham is a luxury, science-led natural skincare line founded in New Zealand. Not only does this company have an incredible identity and brand, but it’s the world’s first carbon-positive beauty brand with its 100% circular designed product range.

Beauty Product Video – Emma Lewisham

We were fortunate enough to collaborate on a product shoot that would showcase their product spins, swatches and re-fill bottles, which explain visually how to go about re-filling your Emma Lewisham bottles once you have finished your product. These would be for e-commerce web use and social media shorts.

It’s incredibly cool to know, that by choosing a re-fill product over purchasing a new ‘Illuminating Cleanser’ bottle, you’ll reduce your carbon footprint by 58%. These are things most people don’t even take into consideration when considering a new skincare range – it’s about time that a beauty company educated it’s customers around this so we can make more informed choices – and Emma Lewisham are leading the way on this.  

You will see that the Emma Lewisham brand is very high-end. The result of these videos is, in our opinion, polished, clean and quite simply, beautiful. What you don’t see is what it took to achieve this…

We planned this shoot in less than 2 days, as the client had tight turnaround times and wanted to first see an example of what we could achieve before they agreed to work with us – the expectation was very high and we needed to ensure that we were able to deliver.  Of course, we love a good challenge, so we quickly got to work and started strategising about what was needed to achieve this result.

We collected some sample Emma Lewisham bottles and after a few trips to Bunnings to get welding gear, glass drill bits and green spray paint, we were soon drilling holes into these bottles into the early hours of the morning – taking regular breaks – as who knew that the glass would heat up to a point that we weren’t able to hold it any longer. After many trial and error attempts, and ensuring that we had the exact right angle so it would look raised and just ever so slanted,  we were finally ready to shoot the product video. It just shows how much work goes into achieving a look like this, something you would never assume when looking at the finished product. Sometimes the ‘behind the scenes’ arent as glamorous as the end result, but that is why we are here, to make it come together beautifully and look seamless in doing so. Check out the ‘behind the scenes pics at the end of this blog.      

The team at Emma Lewisham were amazing to work with and we are so proud to have been a chosen partner to create these videos. The feedback we got throughout the process was always encouraging, with Danielle, our client at Emma Lewisham, saying: “Incredible!! Gosh these look so elevated and premium. We are the first to do something like this in the southern hemisphere!”

We want to take this opportunity to mention Asset Factory who put us in touch with Emma Lewisham and made this happen for us!

Before and after

View our behind the scenes pictures of this shoot below: