5 Benefits Of Corporate Video Production For Your Company

If you regularly use the internet or social media to browse through news articles and interesting topics or even shop for new and exciting things, you most likely see engaging new videos daily. A well-made video can entertain and inform.

5 Benefits Of Corporate Video Production For Your Company

By working with an awesome video production company in Auckland, you can create a corporate video to tell the world about your incredible company.Think about the videos you’ve seen in the past that have moved you, changed your mind or convinced you of something important – how did those videos change your life? Did they make you a better person? Did they steer you towards something that you love and enjoy?

With smart video direction and exceptional production quality, you can have a corporate video that truly impacts your audience.

What Is A Corporate Video?

What exactly is a corporate video? It’s a video that helps you tell a story, share a message, spread awareness or more about your influential brand.

An excellent Auckland video production company can analyse your ideas to translate them into an awe-inspiring, beautiful video that perfectly conveys your business’s goals.

Why Should I Get A Corporate Video Created For My Auckland Company?

There are many great reasons why you should trust an experienced video production company to create your new video – too many to list here!

Five of the most notable benefits that a beautiful corporate video can bring you are:

Enhanced Brand Awareness. Which brand will you remember more – the brand that doesn’t have anything too remarkable on its site or the brand that presents you with a gorgeous video that you’ll remember for a while? The latter, of course.

Beautiful visuals, great messages, unbelievable special effects and music that perfectly goes with everything else will make people more aware of your brand. They’ll know you’re there, and they’ll be keen to see what you can do for them.

Easily-Shareable Content For Your Business. People nowadays are always sending interesting videos to one another. How many times have you opened your messages to see that someone sent you an awesome video they thought you’d enjoy? Videos are easily shareable, which means there’s a good chance people will pass your video around so that everyone can enjoy it.

A Better Reputation For Your Company. If you work with one of the best Auckland video production companies in New Zealand, you’ll certainly boost your brand’s reputation. People will see the intense level of effort and production quality put into your video and think, ‘Wow, this company means business!’

A well-crafted video made with fantastic production quality and care shows the world that you’re not just here for recognition or money; you’re here to bring something wonderful to the world. You strive to make New Zealand and the world better with your contributions.

Improved SEO. A video can improve your website’s SEO, or search engine optimisation, and drive more digital traffic to your site or social media accounts – especially if you make the right choices to optimise your video for SEO.

Webpages with varied content are more interesting and engaging for your site’s guests and Google’s algorithm. So, pages that have videos, images and text will most likely do better than pages that only have text.

You can do a few smart things to make your video more appealing to Google’s algorithm. Consider the following to get the most from your new corporate video:

  • Ensure The Video’s Thumbnail Is Interesting. A video’s thumbnail is usually the first thing someone notices about a video, so be sure yours is interesting!
  • Add A Transcript. Not everyone wants to turn their device’s sound on, or put on headphones, to watch a video that appears on their screen. Adding a transcript will encourage more people to stick around to watch your video. Some people may quickly move on if your video has no text or transcript.
  • Write An Engaging Title And Video Description. Aside from the thumbnail, a great title and description are also very important. Come up with a title that draws people in and makes them want to know more.

It Gets You Audience To Act. Most videos have the goal of getting their audience to act. Whether that’s changing their stance on a viewpoint, purchasing a product or supporting a cause, you want your message to get out there to influence people for the better.

Your corporate video can include an incredible call to action that gets people to act.

Where Can I Go For A Creative, Beautiful And Impactful Corporate Video?

Are you convinced? A fantastic corporate video can move souls and change lives, and you can get your own powerful video created by working with Create X Wonder. We are an Auckland video production company that values quality, effort and exceptional results.

We invite you to check out our portfolio to see the types of corporate videos we’ve made in the past. If you like anything you see, we’d be glad to try and make something similar for you. Call us at +64 21 238 3117, we’d love to chat!

Ensure your new corporate video changes your audience’s lives for the better with Create X Wonder.