Things You Need To Know To Be Successful In Corporate Video Production in Auckland

A corporate video passes through many phases until it reaches its final shape. The initiation phase includes preparation of budget and creation of the statement of work. The pre-production phase includes story writing and scheduling, followed by filming the video on the site with the director and camera crew.

Things You Need To Know To Be Successful In Corporate Video Production in Auckland

After the video has been shot it is then edited with voice over and a sound track (if needed). Once the video is finalised, it is delivered to the audience or uploaded on the Company’s website.

The Significance of Corporate Video Production in Auckland

According to a recent study, videos account for two-thirds of internet traffic today. Apart from that, videos are easier to share on the internet as they appeal more to the masses. A major reason for this mass appeal is because corporate videos capture emotions very well, be it laughter, sorrow, or shock. A corporate video provides great return on investment as well.

Many suggest that if you have a corporate video on your landing page, you are more likely to convert visitors into clients. Using corporate videos, organisations can explain their ideas or their ‘story’ more clearly, and it is easier for people to retain visual information than what they read or hear. Producing a corporate video gives you endless possibilities to convey your message. It allows the director of the video to use maximum creativity in order to convey the idea that they feel will last for a long time in the minds of the audience.

At the end of the day, corporate videos allow you to depict your story in a very interesting and informative way. Since it is not a commercial product, it does not have time constraints, like TV or radio commercials. Hence, the producers of corporate videos are able to define a clear purpose and convey their idea very conveniently to their target audience.

Three tips for Successful Corporate Video Production


Although there is a lot that goes into producing a good corporate video, it is important to have a strong plan from the beginning. Once you have finalised the purpose of the video and the target audience, you need to define the resources required such as production crew and production equipment apart from other things.

You need to have a fair idea about how much money you want to allocate to your corporate video. There should be a clear timeline with well defined milestones. Make sure you have a strong team to help you in this whole process. The most important part of the planning phase is to make sure that you are aware of what the customers need to hear. Many times, corporate videos fail to make a great impact because of the lack of relatable content in them.

Engaging Content

Find ways to make a corporate video that will engage your audience. Focus on ideas that will create a lasting impact. Use of emotions is an effective way to indulge your audience, client testimonials can help increase the trust that customers have in your product and brand.

If you are preparing a ‘how to’ video about your product, try to use people that have expertise in that department and can relate to the product. An accountant can talk about how financial planning software can make all the difference in your daily budgeting. Employees who are strong advocates of your company values can engage more audiences than the ones who feel shy in front of the camera. The stronger your story, the better the impact will be.


The purpose of producing a corporate video is not fulfilled until your story has been conveyed to your target audience. Hence, promoting your video through the right channels is the final icing on the cake. The best place to start off is YouTube since it is the most widely used search engine after Google, and also because Google algorithms favour content with associated videos.

Most of the companies today have social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, and their blogs. You should make sure that your newly developed video is uploaded on all these promotional pages. With the right promotion techniques and strategies, you can create a great impression on your target audience.


Every business has a story, but what is important is how you depict your story to your target audience. In this digital age, creating corporate videos have proven to be a very effective way of engaging the target audience and converting visitors into customers.

There is a lot that goes behind creating an effective corporate video. By incorporating these three essential elements into your corporate video you can achieve a great return on investment for your efforts.